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2.500 Lt. Overground Waste Container With Drum Lid & Hinged Lid


2.500 Lt. Overground Waste Container With Drum Lid & Hinged Lid

1. Our overground waste container systems are manufactured in European Standards to be used for all known types of garbage (domestic waste, paper, plastic, glass), and are robust and durable. It is designed for long-term use.
2. The overground waste container system has been made in such a way that it can be emptied by opening the bottom covers, by lifting the container from the head mechanism of the container with the on-board crane, which is managed by the driver with the help of a remote control, by getting out of the vehicle or without getting out of the vehicle.
3. Container bottom covers are designed and manufactured to prevent liquid waste from leaking out.
4.Containers upon request; It can be made in color tones (Ral color) or with sticker coating, compatible with the advertising area and the environment.

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