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3.000 lt. Capacity Semi-Underground Waste Container


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3.000 lt. Capacity Semi-Underground Waste Container

1.Semi-underground waste container is produced in one piece without any joints.
2.Semi-underground waste container is made of high-density polyethylene material.
3. The outer chamber volume of the semi-underground waste container is 3.000 liters (+-10%), the inner chamber volume is 2.400 liters (+-10%) and it has a double-door discharge system from the bottom.
4.Semi-underground waste container is completely waterproof and resistant to corrosion, atmospheric conditions and impacts. The shape of the container is conical and it is emptied by being lifted up from the top. The inside of the double lids on the bottom is used as a water reservoir.
5. Metal mechanisms and joints related to lifting, opening and closing of the inner body garbage container are corrosion resistant and hot-dip galvanized.
6. The semi-underground waste container can be lifted by crane and emptied by opening the bottom covers, and the bottom covers are automatically closed after unloading.
7.One of the hooks carries the weight and the other one opens and closes the bottom discharge doors automatically.
8.Semi underground waste container  In addition, there is a waste disposal cover on the upper cover on the part that will remain above ground for the disposal of waste.
9. The lid can be opened easily by all kinds of users with a handle on it that can be opened and closed by hand, and it can be easily closed after waste disposal.
10. Optionally, digital printing can be applied to the part of the semi-underground waste container on the ground.
11. Desired logos and texts are applied as stickers on the visible parts of the body and lid of the waste container above ground.


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