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Underground Waste Container System With Jack


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Underground Waste Container System With Jack

1. The jack container system allows municipalities to use the existing waste collection vehicles and allows the garbage to be taken underground. In addition to an environmentally friendly, aesthetic and modern urban furniture image, it provides comfortable use. Only the garbage disposal chute is visible above ground, the main containers are located underground.
2. It is manufactured in such a way that the underground container system with jacks is connected to the jack hose taken from the control of the compressed waste truck, and when the inner container needs to be emptied or the system needs to work for another reason, the waste containers are brought to the ground level and emptied thanks to the lift platform.
3. The upper walking platform is made of tear-patterned sheet metal, which is strong enough for people to walk on easily.
4. The underground container system has been manufactured in European Standards to be used for domestic waste and is designed for long-term use.
5. The chimney of the container will be 1.5mm thick AISI 304 quality Chrome Nickel sheet.
6.Optional remote control system can be added.
7.One-piece poured concrete socket is reinforced with C40 quality and water-proof concrete and ribbed rebar are used.


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